Abimael Martell

System Monitor

I’m happy to announce my new open source project System Monitor.

System Monitor Screenshot

Is a easy to use, web interface to monitor your server resources like memory, cpu, disk usage and network information.

Written in C using the following libraries:

  • sigar a library to get information about the system.
  • mongoose a cool web server library.



Tested on OSX, FreeBSD and Linux. I have not tested on Windows, but it should work as well.

Modern and Clean Interface

Based on bootstrap and DataTables. It looks nice in all browsers.

Easy to Install

Dependencies are included so just run make and all the sources and dependencies will be compiled.

What’s next?

Some features i’ll be adding

  • User auth
  • Provide compiled binaries for common systems
  • Add auto-refresh using websockets
  • Maybe add some nice charts for network usage and CPU

How to install?

git clone https://github.com/abimaelmartell/system_monitor`
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then run ./system_monitor and point your browser to localhost:3000

Follow the development on Github, issues and pull requests are welcome :)